Thursday, April 9, 2015


    This blog as you know is about the famous DC super hero " The Flash". I'll be talking about an ongoing  epic T.V series of The Flash. This week of the flash is on a break until next week. don't worry for now I'll just give you a brief summary of this superhero background. The Flash real name is Barry Allen. His mother was killed when he was little by " a man in the yellow suit" as he describe it. He was then taken In by a detective named Joe West. Now let's go further into the future. He works in the CSI department by day and superhero by night. The way he got his super power was really cool in my opinion. Harrison Wells ( a scientist) created this machine called particle accelerator. When he turn it on it worked perfectly for a few minute then something wrong happen and a huge wave of energy spread throughout Central City ( this is his hometown like batman and Gotham City) and a huge lighting bolt struck Barry. He was in a coma for a couple of months. then when he woke up, he felt strange. So when he ran for the first time after his coma he ran so fast as if he was lightning himself.  


  1. This is officially the greatest blog of all time. The Flash is AMAZING. :D

  2. Yes! I love that show. Keep up the good work because I can't wait to read more. This blog will really help me when I miss the show that night. Thanks