Sunday, April 19, 2015

All Star Team Up week was a crossover episode from Arrow and The flash. Instead of The Green Arrow coming to Central city it's The Atom ( Picture in the left). Felicity who is part of team Arrow and her boyfriend Ray Palmer ( The Atom) stop by S.T.A.R Lab to seek assistance for his Atom suit. Barry Allen is having doubt about if he should trust Caitlin and Cisco ( Part of team Flash). Barry had trouble trusting them ever since he found out that Harrison Wells is the man in the yellow suit A.K.A Reverse Flash. Wells is the one who killed his mother when Barry was little and the one who made Barry The Flash. There's a big twist there as you see. Right now Team Flash members are Caitlin, Cisco, Detective Joe West, Eddie Thawne, and Harrison Wells ( For now). As The Atom came by to visit Central City a villain named Brie Larvan A.K.A Blue Eyed Bandit appeared. She uses her robotic bees to kill her former workers who shut down her latest project which are the bees that I was talking about. In the episode Brie start causing trouble for The Flash in which at some point almost killed the flash with her bees. Later on Brie sent her killer bees to her boss, so Since the Atom was there he helped out. The Atom went to Brie Larvan boss who was being attacked by her robotic bees and the Flash ran to Brie hideout so he could stop her and her bees. Eventually both the Atom and the Flash stop the Blue Eyed Bandit. After the big fight battle the Atom and Felicity return to Starling City ( that's the hometown of The Green Arrow). Then in the last couple of minutes in the show Caitlin and Cisco meet Barry Allen at his work place thinking that they would go out and have fun. Once they arrived there they see Barry and Detective Joe with a serious face. They explained to them that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash. At first Both didn't believe them but then Cisco said he had these " Dreams". In those " Dreams" he see's Harrison Wells saying that he is the Reverse Flash and then kills him.      



  1. Didn't even know know you watched this show. Its probably the best show I've ever watched on the CW network. Nice blog, i really enjoyed reading it.

  2. Very good at being descriptive at almost every thing you summarized here. However, there were a few grammatical errors, but overall the story stood out well. i'll make sure I watch an episode now that I know it is this interesting.