Thursday, May 7, 2015

Grodd LivesLives

 Another day, another villain. This week episode is a good one. Imagine a gorilla who can control your mind and TALK!! Yes a talking gorilla, how cool is that. In this episode iris west a.k.a barry allen bestfriend find's out and confronts him about being the flash. It's a real touching moment for them. Later on the reverse flash a.k.a harrison wells has sent Grodd ( The Gorilla) to distract the flash. In doimg so grodd has kidnap dectective joe west ( Iris father). Things didn't go as plan for barry because everytime he get's close to grodd he get's insane headache ( That's grodd mind control powers). Then once barry get's to S.T.A.R Lab cisco ( part of team flash) builds him a tech that allows barry to block grodd mind powers. So now the flash has an advantage against grodd. Later in the episode there's a big battle between the flash and grodd. Eventually grodd knocks out barry helmet tech and attack barry mentally. Barry is in so much pain but then iris talks to him threw his earpiece hidden in the suit. Then in a couple of minutes barry comes back and defeat grodd. After the big fight barry rescue dectective joe west. Now there goal is to find and stop the reverse flash.


  1. I found this episode to be one of those time wasting episodes, as the gorilla was simply used as distraction to Berry and his team. That key, that the reverse flash built throughout the episode is what caught my attention.

  2. They should have an episode featuring Dwyane Wade, because he's the real Flash

  3. Overall i thought the episode was very interesting noting the fact that i have not yet seen it but, just reading about can only intrigue my mind to speculate more on what is to come in the latter episodes. However, There are some grammatical errors within your blog which left me somewhat confused as to what you were trying to say. Nonetheless, great blog keep up the good work.