Friday, May 29, 2015

Fast Enough

This episode is the season finale for the flash. If you read my last blog it mentioned that the flash has finally captured the reverse flash. The episode start off by showing the flash A.K.A Barry Allen confronting the reverse flash. He then told reverse flash questions about everything but the most important one was " why did you kill my mother when I was a kid". Reverse flash answered all of his question then explains that both of them are rivals and reverse of one

another in the future. The conversation continues until the reverse flash gives him an offer. He offer Barry a opportunity to save his mother by telling him how to run back in time to the night his mother died. Of course Barry needs time to think and process this. He ask his closest friends and family for advice. After a considerable amount of time he accept the reverse flash offer. The reverse flash explains in details of what he have to do to break the space time continuum. Eventually Barry does travel back in time to the night his mother dies. Meanwhile the reverse flash was getting ready  to go back to his time( the future). When Barry arrives to that specific night his future self stop him from saving his mother because he knows the consequences. It was a sad moment for Barry. Then when the reverse flash was about to leave Barry comes in from the wormhole that he created and stopped the reverse flash from leaving. Both have a heated discussion then couple of minutes later they both fight until the reverse flash has Barry cornered.  Right when the reverse flash was about to kill Barry Eddie ( the reverse flash ancestor) kills himself which means the reverse flash was never born. After all that happens the wormhole turns into a black hole. Barry was then in the process of stopping the black hole then it all just end..... well the episode ends. I honestly can't believe the show ended in a cliff hanger.

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