Thursday, May 14, 2015

If I had to describe this episode in one word it would probably be........ AMAZING. Honestly in my opinion this is one of the best episode so far. At the beginning of the episode you see Cisco get all worked up because the particle accelerator has been turned on ( by the reverse flash). So the flash and his team go down there and suddenly the reverse flash runs through them to escape. Of course barry ( The Flash) chases after him but couldn't catch up to him, he's still to slow against the reverse flash. Meanwhile Cisco and Joe finds Eddie thawne who's been missing for weeks because he was held hostage by the reverse flash. Then few minutes later after the whole flash team come together they discuss about where to put the meta human ( super powered villian) because the particles accerlerator could kill them. So Barry ask captain cold ( picture in the left) for help in which he quickly betrays him the first chance he get's and set all the meta human free. Then Barry and the team head back to S.T.A.R Lab to recooperate. A few minutes later the reverse flash shows up in front of S.T.A.R Lab. Then out of frustration Barry quickly runs to him. Just as things looks bad for barry, The Arrow and Firestorm comes to aid barry( picture in the bottom right). A big fight scene happens between them. This is the amazing part that I was talking about. At the end the flash, arrow, and firestorm eventually take down the reverse flash in a cool way. Now there's only one episode left for the flash. Things are getting exciting now.


  1. Glad I checked this blog out, thanks for spoiling the episode (should've thought that myself before I read this)

  2. Great post!
    I have to watch this episode!
    Looks interesting
    Keep it going!

  3. Wow! great post this one was really interesting and it really did catch my attention this time. I felt as if this post was shown great vividness and i cant wait to see what happens next. However there were some grammatical errors in this post, but overall it flowed coherently.